How is bad breath eliminated with Super Brush 360?

Bad breath or halitosis affects 25 to 50% of the population but remains taboo to the point that we rarely dare to speak to our doctor about it.

The most common cause is the accumulation of food debris which is then metabolised by the bacterial plaque deposited on the teeth and tongue. Respiratory diseases (especially sinusitis and tonsillitis),

The first means of mechanical elimination of bacteria, in theory known to all, is the use of a toothbrush.

Whether manual or electric, it should be used three times a day for at least three minutes.

Super Brush 360 allows to eliminate your bad aleine thanks to its deep cleaning function of the teeth.

After the teeth, one should also think of the tongue with its specific accessories. For example, you can use the back part of the toothbrush, but there are also other more specific instruments such as tongue scrapers.

The spaces between the teeth are also to be watched and maintained. These spaces are difficult to access unless you have a small brush or dental floss. Once your teeth, tongue and the spaces between your teeth are clean, do not leave your bathroom until you have had a final mouthwash, specially designed to combat bad breath.

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