How to quickly relieve and cure a toothache

Definition of toothhache

Dental surgeons speak of "pulpitis" and not of tooth rage. It is the inflammation of the nerve, the pulp of the tooth or rather the vascular-nervous bundle that is caused by a deep cavity. Tooth rage is a violent, acute, unbearable, sometimes pulsatile pain, which has several causes.

Its main causes

THE PULPITE: inflammation of the nerve
LA NECROSE:necrotic nerve
The DENTAL ABCES are formed after the necrosis stage.

What kind of toothache do you suffer from?
Depending on the origin of the toothache, the remedies will not be the same, so in the case of toothache, it is necessary to know the cause and to make a differential diagnosis.

If the cold or the heat causes or increases the pain, it is a pulpitis, a nerve damage.

If the cold, the hot, does not cause pain and if the cold tends to calm the tooth rage, it is certainly a pulpal necrosis or an abscess, the diagnosis of the abscess is easy to make, it is accompanied by a swelling of the painful area.
If you have food stuck between two teeth, it is a food blockage, which is very easy to remove.

What is pulpitis?
It is the first stage of nerve damage in the tooth. This intense pain alerts the person that a tooth has deep decay, the enamel is destroyed, the dentin is attacked and the nerve is inflamed. The pulpitis is mainly triggered:

●au contact with cold or hot air, hot or cold food or drinks

●lors from certain positions of the body, especially the lying down position, because the blood "rises to the head" and facilitates the blood hyperpressure which will amplify the inflammation.

●lors from the absorption of food or sweetened drinks.

●lors the chewing of certain foods that lodge in the cavity of the cavity and which exerts pressure that triggers tooth rage or pulpitis.

●vous can cause toothache at night, as the warmth of the pillow increases local inflammation

How can you relieve a toothache caused by a pulpitis yourself?
If your dentist cannot see you immediately, follow these recommendations and remedies.

● Skip hot and cold in all its forms, food and drinks, ambient air

● When lying down, raise your head, do not put the side of the sore cheek against a pillow, as this increases the local temperature and increases the toothache.

●Skip to eat on the painful side, rinse your mouth immediately after meals with an antiseptic mouthwash, hextril, eludril.

●Take one paracetamol tablet

●Apply cloves, because they contain eugenol, an active substance with a characteristic odour that can be detected as soon as you walk through the door of a dental practice.

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