The colour of natural teeth

The natural colour of a tooth is not white.

Natural teeth are not white, apart from milk teeth, because they do not contain much dentine, but a tooth is made up of a thin layer of enamel under which most of the tooth material is found, the ivory-coloured "dentine". The enamel is pearly white, but by transparency the dentine gives a less white colour, this is why all whitening procedures, whether they are carried out by dentists, smile bars or by the patient himself, aim to discolour the ivory colour of the dentine which darkens with age and is permeable to food, tea, coffee and cigarettes.

Different tooth shades on a shade guide

Does the breed have an influence on the colour of the teeth?
Race has nothing to do with the colour of your teeth; we often tend to believe that Africans have white teeth, it is only a question of contrast with their black skin. When you are tanned, you also have the impression of having whiter teeth. Anything that helps contrast, tan, lipstick, or toothpastes like DIAMOND EMAIL that colours the gums will tend to whiten the colour of your teeth naturally by contrast.

Apart from a few very rare cases, which represent 5% of the population, the teeth are naturally very white, the majority of patients have a shade called A3 in the shade guide of the dental surgeons.

The natural shade of the teeth may darken.
This is because most of the factors that disturb the initial colour are:


-coffee, tea, food colourings in food


-Some medical treatments, such as certain antibiotics, such as tetracyclines, which caused havoc in the 1970s when doctors were prescribing them without knowing the harmful effects on the future colour of the teeth, crossed the placental barrier and the embryonic teeth of the foetus were irremediably affected.

Fluorides are also responsible for a very unsightly discolouration,this disease is mainly due to an excessive absorption of fluoride which is is important to know that cooking salt and tap water now contain a certain dose of fluoride intended to prevent the teeth from developing cavities,but in the event of additional fluoride intake by exogenous means,tablets can in the longer or shorter term trigger fluorosis by overdosage of fluoride.

It is only the long-term accumulation of all the pigments in the diet that will stain the teeth over time.

yellow tint of the teeth

What are the different disorders of the natural tooth colour?

Some discolourations are superficial and do not alter the mineral structure of the tooth. They are mainly superficial discolourations of the tooth, a simple scaling followed by air polishing are generally sufficient to remove them, but can be recurrent if the causal agent is not removed.
Many factors influence the onset of these disorders: oral hygiene, saliva, certain physiological changes, the state of the tooth surface and eating, cultural and harmful habits;

Dental plaque

In the case of poor dental hygiene, food residues and bacteria accumulate on the tooth surfaces, resulting in a yellowish discolouration, the tartar is responsible for discolouration ranging from white to brown or even black.


The most frequently observed are brown discolorations due to coffee, tea or soda (cola) in the form of fine pigmented films particularly present on the external surfaces of the upper molars and the internal surfaces of the lower incisors;
Numerous foods are likely to cause dental discoloration, among which we can mention: red wine, liquorice, carrots, cherries or cranberries (blue, violet or black discoloration), salad, beets, blackberries, and raspberries (red or purple discoloration), spices such as red pepper (red deposit) or saffron (yellow discoloration).


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