Toothpaste: making the right choice for your Super Brush 360

Who has never experienced the pain of a toothache? Admittedly, it can really be described as unbearable. If consulting a dentist is essential to cure it, it must nevertheless be said that impeccable oral hygiene is the best way to avoid these pains. The first step is to use the right type of toothpaste. So how do you choose the right toothpaste?

A whole range of toothpaste
There are currently many varieties of toothpaste in terms of both form and composition. Some come in the form of a paste and others in the form of a gel; others combine these two aspects. It is then a matter of making a choice based on the texture you prefer for your toothpaste.

But toothpastes, even if they come in the same form, can have different compositions. As this Laval dentist explains, some have fluoride based substances and others do not. There are also toothpastes composed of substances intended to treat certain ailments, such as triclosan-based toothpastes to treat gingivitis.

Toothpaste: The right choice for your Super Brush 360

But the fact that there is a wide range of toothpastes does not necessarily mean that some are better than others. In fact the choice of toothpaste depends on the individual. For example, a fluoride-based toothpaste is recommended to prevent cavities, but for a young child, it is better to use a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride, as the ingestion of fluoride could cause negative effects.

For people with particular oral problems, the use of a specific toothpaste should be considered. Bad breath can then be overcome with an antibacterial toothpaste, while gum problems can be alleviated with triclosan toothpastes.

It should also be noted that there are two main types of toothpaste. Some are sold mainly for commercial purposes while others are medical toothpastes. For the best choice for good oral health, it is best to consult a dentist.

In addition to consulting a dentist to maintain good oral health, there are also mistakes to be avoided regarding dental hygiene.

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